Express Scripts’ Slides From Barclay’s Conference

I was reviewing the latest presentation from Express Scripts (ESI) and thought I would share a few of the slides here.

The first one is ESI’s new focus on Waste as a way of driving focus.

The second is a chart that everyone’s been using lately on behavior as the biggest impact on health outcomes.

The third is two charts on adherence.  The first is the one everyone is showing on mail adherence being better than retail.  The second one shows how few people actually have optimal adherence which they define as 90% medication possession ratio (most people I know would use 80%).

One Response to “Express Scripts’ Slides From Barclay’s Conference”

  1. Interesting slides, but I am automatically skeptical of data slides that omit the scale from the vertical axis (as in the chart on the left side of the third slide).


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