Automated Call Nudge – WSJ

Yesterday’s WSJ had an article about some research done at Stanford about comparing automated calls and human interventions.  The goal was to see what motivated people to exercise more.  As you can see in the chart below, at 6-months automated calls produced better results while at 12-months they were below the human interventions.  But, an automated solution is obviously much more cost efficient and scalable.  The one big question I have is how to make the automated calls even more interactive.  There are lots of things we do at Silverlink to use automation to drive behavior.

While many are skeptical, the reality is that automated calls are the best channel in healthcare based on the cost per success ratio.  [Do you know any other channel that can get you a 70% “open” rate?]  You can deliver PHI.  You can track interventions for audit purposes.  You can have real-time access to data.  You can create rules based solutions that dynamically change based on interactions. 

And, this is not the first study Stanford has done on this.  Here’s links to two older studies they did:

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