Do You Brush Your Teeth With Toilet Water?

While I hope not intentionally, this is a discusting reality for most of the world. Since most people flush with the lid up, the germs spread all over your bathroom. (One of the reason I hate those public toilets that auto-flush and cover you in germs all the time.) Here’s a good article on this along with a slightly humorous video below.

I was reviewing this list of worse places for your health that got me thinking about this. Here’s a few other highlights from the list:
* Don’t wear your shoes in the house and don’t store them in your closet.
* Don’t move hot food to the fridge to quickly or you’ll create a ripe environment for bacteria to grow.
* Don’t use the middle stall of a public bathroom.
* Don’t store your medicines in your bathroom.
* Don’t put your purse down on places you eat off. Nasty stuff on the bottom of those purses.
* Don’t use headphones in public areas with lots of background noise…you’ll turn the volume up so loud that you’ll damage your ears.

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