Health Loyalty Lessons

Colloquy published a good article on Health Loyalty Lessons.  It pointed out 6 things that were important:

  1. Short-term incentives can mean long-term payoffs.
  2. Understand your objectives if you want to offer the right benefits.
  3. Communicate.  Communicate.  Then communicate some more.
  4. Strike a balance between hard and soft benefits.
  5. Stay relevant if you want consumers to stay motivated.
  6. Raise the bar.

These are good points (and more detail is in the article).  They’re relevant whether you’re doing a full blown loyalty or incentive program or simply focusing on the WIIFM principle (What’s In It For Me).  This is why healthcare communications is such a hot area right now. 

  • Who do I communicate with? (targeting)
  • When do I communicate with them?
  • How do I communicate with them? (letter, call, e-mail, text)
  • What message will drive them to act?
  • How do I measure success?
  • What’s worked before…for the individual or for people in the same segment as the individual (gender, age, condition, income, plan design)?

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