Is This The Time To Buy Pharma and Biotech Stocks?

Certainly there’s been lots of press about their P/E ratios being historically low especially at some of the blue chips like Pfizer. There are good reasons like limited pipelines and generic competition. And, generally, my opinion is that if everyone’s talking about it then you’ve missed your window.

That being said, I found this chart very interesting. It came out from Citigroup months ago, but if I interpret it right than it shows a typical uptick in those stocks in the upcoming months. [Note: This should not serve as investment advice but simply presentation of data. Any investments should be made based on your own research and the advice of your advisors.]

If it’s hard to read, the title says “S&P 500 Pharma & Biotech: Average Relative Performance & Frequency of Relative Gains, By Month, Since 1989”. So, in September, these stocks have gained an average of 1.59% with a frequency of 65%.


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