A Collection Of Misc Articles

I’m in a clean-up mode in my e-mail and blog pile. For the first time in almost two years, I’m beginning to feel caught up. I have less than 250 e-mails (combined) in both my personal and work e-mail inboxes. This is a lot since once I open an e-mail I either (a) delete it; (b) respond immediately if possible; (c) file it in a folder on that topic; or (d) leave it in my inbox for future reading (i.e., it’s too much info to digest quickly) or for future response (i.e., it requires more time than I have).

It always begs the question of how late can you respond to something. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a e-mail from someone in Europe that wanted me to add their pharmaceutical site to my blogroll. I clicked on the link, reviewed the site, and added it. It took me less than 5 minutes, but the kicker was that he e-mailed me almost a year ago.


  1. A study by Timothy Monk at the University of Pittsburgh concluded that keeping children on a stable schedule of activities can make them less anxious as they grow up.
  2. People with strong social connections are 50% more likely to live longer.
  3. People who regularly logged in to a weight-management website for 2 years lost 9-pounds (3x those that didn’t log in).
  4. Can a mouthguard make you a better athlete?
  5. A study in the July Health Affairs says that patients that use e-mail with their physicians have healthier outcomes.  (Lots of challenges here, but this should be key in health reform.)
  6. Digital Darwinism…you have to develop relevance, interactivity, and accountability.
  7. MyPressurePoints.com – a survey and website focused on African-Americans with diabetes.
  8. Generic drug videos from Teva.
  9. 9 Leading Trends in Rx Plan Management by Medco.
  10. Two low-cost generics used by Kaiser to reduce heart attacks and strokes.
  11. Managing with the Brain in Mind – neuroscience.
  12. AMA and Medco study about physicians and pharmacogenomic testing

More to come…

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