How Seniors Use Social Media (Pew)

Not a big surprise…the Baby Boomers use technology.  Many of us have had their parents, uncles, grandparents, etc., send them a “friend invite” or talk to them about technology.  This will obviously continue as it’s more the norm and you have people that have been using technology for years age into retirement and look to connect with disparate friends and family.

Here are two charts from the recent report from Pew – Older Adults and Social Media.  Very interesting to watch the trends.

One Response to “How Seniors Use Social Media (Pew)”

  1. And…BTW – Why do you care from a healthcare perspective?

    You can because the people >50 are the people who are typically sick, have significant medical costs, have co-morbidities, etc. If you’re going to pursue social media and you’re a healthcare entity, you want to know that the key people who drive costs will use it.

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