Texting Trends Infographic

I remember a few years ago when I got my first text.  It was from the CTO at Accenture, and I had a phone that didn’t have SMS.  I had to click thru a link to a website to see the text.  I was totally flustered.  How was I supposed to respond?

Well…I’m past that now.  My brother and I send happy birthday via text.  I find it easier to send a quick text when in a loud spot like the airport than to try and call.  I’m sure my volume is still low.  My friend said their kid did 15,000 in one month (which seems impossible).  Another friend told me that their kids can text without looking.  They sneak a quick peak and then respond without even pulling it out of their pocket (when their supposed to be off the phone). 

We all know this is an emerging communication channel that will continue to evolve.  And, smart phone use and adoption is expanding rapidly.  So, here’s the infographic.

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