Updated Share of Revenue Growth Chart

Adam Fein was kind enough to send me an updated chart of the one I posted yesterday that comes from his new report “The 2010-11 Economic Report on Retail and Specialty Pharmacies” which will be available December 7th here – http://www.pembrokeconsulting.com/industry-reports.html.

One of the interesting things that isn’t clear in the industry is that while mail order made significant gains in the past decade, the IMS numbers show negative growth over the past few years. On the flipside, mail order numbers and new users are still a big focus across the PBMs.  It begs the question of whether mail order growth without intervention programs is negative and only those with an effective retail-to-mail strategy can replace and potentially grow mail faster than people organically leave.

It also begs more discussion on the topic of retention which while a hot topic for a while hasn’t manifested itself in many rigorous programs as of yet (to my knowledge).

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