Pharmacy Christmas List

In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I’d speculate on what might be on the list of a few constituents in the pharmacy world:

  1. Patients:
    • Less co-insurance [so I have a clue what I’m paying for my drugs]
  2. Pharmacists:
  3. Physicians:
    • More time, more pay, and less people and technology telling me what to do [even if it’s helpful much of the time]
  4. Retail Pharmacies:
    • Patients to actually appreciate our pharmacists, know their name, and stop switching for free things [coupons, drugs]
  5. Mail Order Pharmacies:
    • Client appreciation for the fact that mail is about more than money – adherence, therapeutic conversion
  6. Specialty Pharmacies:
    • More limited distribution drugs
  7. PBMs:
    • Consultants that look at more than the discount rate in spreadsheets AND
    • Clients that can tell the difference between us and are willing to be more aggressive about plan design
  8. Managed Care Pharmacy Teams:
    • An ability to blend medical, lab, and Rx data and demonstrate an impact of increased adherence on MLR
  9. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers:
    • A blockbuster drug OR a patent extension on my current drugs
    • BUT please no more recalls or black box warnings
  10. Generic Manufacturers:
    • An authorized generic deal where I make more money by doing nothing

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