Did You Pay Too Much?

I was looking at a few hints from Money Magazine about ways to shop smarter this season.  They are interesting from a communication perspective, but not always directly transferable to healthcare.

1. We pay more for items that we can touch…41% more.  And, the more time you spend holding the object, the more you were willing to pay for it later.  (How do we make healthcare services more tangible?)

2. Ever wonder why companies give you free chocolate?  It’s because people who eat even one increase their desire for luxury goods by 25%.  (What’s the “free chocolate” of healthcare?  How do we make consumers appreciate cognitive services by MDs and pharmacists more?)

3. People pay more when they’re distracted both online and offline.  And, how many of us aren’t distracted with kids and electronics these days?  (How do we get consumers to really focus to understand how to optimize their healthcare dollar?)

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