CVS and Universal American – 2 Additional Facts

Well, two things I didn’t know yesterday came out as everyone returned from vacation and started analyzing the acquisition.

  1. Adam Fein pointed out the close relationship that NCPA has with UA’s PDP plan and the fact that that is different from their prior relationships with CVS Caremark.  Will that change anything?
  2. Carl Mercurio points out that this now makes CVS Caremark the second largest PDP plan after United.

One Response to “CVS and Universal American – 2 Additional Facts”

  1. This is a very interesting development George. I am eager to see how the acquisition affects the NCPA relationship, not only between the two organization, but the NCPA relationship with its pharmacists.

    CVS Caremark, handles things quite differently than MemberHealth (then Universal American) has in the past. There have been rumblings of anticipation (nervousness) from some personal relationships in the community.

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