Looking Back – 1999 MCO Web Survey

Back in 1999, I was working at Ernst & Young LLP helping MCOs (managed care organizations) figure out what they should do about the Internet as “eCommerce” was all the buzz.

I came across an old presentation this morning.  In it was a survey we did of how companies were using their websites at the time (n=64):

  • 84% had a provider directory online
  • 82% had job postings online
  • 72% had health links on their website
  • 63% allowed you to e-mail customer service
  • 48% allowed you to e-mail provider relations
  • 45% provided member services news
  • 35% provided provider relations news
  • 25% provided their formulary
  • 20% provided clinical guidelines
  • 18% allowed you to verify coverage
  • 18% allowed you to check claims status
  • 15% allowed you to verify benefits

(Note: Exact values are approximate as the chart only showed increments of 10%.)

I’m not sure, but I would hope that this was 100% on all of these by now.

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