Pharmacy Customer Experience

When most people start to this about segmentation in the pharmacy space, it becomes quickly overwhelming:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Plan design
  • Geography
  • Income
  • Condition
  • Drug
  • New to therapy or ongoing therapy
  • Co-morbidities
  • Depression
  • Physician relationship
  • Support system
  • Education
  • Literacy
  • Etc.

I want to spend some time over a few posts beginning to break this down.  Today, let’s look at the five logical customer types:

  1. New Nancy:
    • Newly diagnosed
    • Not very familiar with her condition, the medication, the pharmacy process, or the PBM
    • Needs lots of hand-holding and education
    • Need to address gaps in the physician-patient encounter
    • Need to help her build a routine
  2. Caring Carin:
    • Caregiver for either dependents or parents
    • Picking up prescriptions for them and responsible for translating (sharing) information with them
    • Important to educate, but not the patient
    • Likely to be the “e-patient” but also stressed out (see sandwich generation)
  3. Sporatic Sam:
    • Someone who gets some acute medications occassionally (e.g., antibiotic)
    • Understands the healthcare system somewhat but not overly interested or engaged in the semantics
  4. Forgetful Frank:
    • Chronic medication user
    • Likely to have or develop multiple conditions
    • Not great with adherence to therapy
    • Understands their condition, but not worried about it (even if they should be)
  5. Steady Suzy:
    • Chronic medication user
    • One or more conditions
    • Understands the value of medication
    • Feels better when taking her medications
    • Actively managing her health
    • Generally adherent
    • Engaged with MD and pharmacist

I guess I could add Corrupt Cindy to talk about patients that abuse the system (a pharmacist friend of mine was telling me about a patient they caught this weekend with 6 different names across different pharmacies and a fake prescription pad). 

From a basic segmentation framework, are there others without getting into demographic attributes?

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