Growing Mail Order Pharmacy Utilization

A common topic which I discuss with PBM clients is how to improve their mail order utilization. Since more than 50% of their profits come from generics at mail order, this is a critical process. And, while the industry average is 13% utilization (on an adjusted script basis), there are many companies (especially outside of the big 3 PBMs – CVS Caremark, Medco, and Express Scripts) that have much lower utilization and therefore huge value in upside.

Today, I got the chance to speak to investors on this topic courtesy of Barclays Capital. I structured the discussion around three topics:

1. Why is mail order important to the PBM?
2. How do you improve mail order utilization?
3. What are the challenges to improving mail order utilization?

Attached are the slides which I used on the call.


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