Only 56% Want To Set MD Appointments Online – Why Not?

To me, this survey has three major themes:

  1. People are still hesitant to communicate with their MDs using social media [not that surprising].
  2. People are slow to use the web even for administrative functions [why].
  3. Hispanics are much more willing to use technology to engage their provider [why].

Some of the data:

  • 85% would not use social media or instant messaging channels for medical communication if their doctors offered it.
  • Only 11% of respondents said they would take advantage of social media such as Twitter or Facebook to communicate with their doctor.
  • Only 20% said they would use chat or instant message.
  • 52% said they would confer via e-mail.  (versus 89% of Hispanics)
  • Only 48% said they would pay their physician bills online. 
  • 72% would take advantage of a nurse line if it was offered by their doctor.

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