A Few E-mail Facts

Fast Company had an article the other day with some great stats on email:

  • There are 3B email accounts worldwide.
  • Email use by seniors increased by 28% from 2009-2010 while use by teens dropped 59% in. That same time.
  • The average business person sends 33 emails per day. [maybe on a day when I’m in meetings for 9 hours…that’s really low]
  • 89% of all emails sent are spam!
  • Only 8% of emails sent are business related.
  • In 2010, there were 107 trillion emails sent; 25 billion tweets; and 170 billion pieces of mail.

One Response to “A Few E-mail Facts”

  1. George,

    My 14-year old daughter says that “email is for old people.” (yes, really.) She exclusively communicates via text, facebook messaging, IM, or Skype.

    Luckily, her dear old dad has learned to adapt.


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