Short Survey On Copay Cards

Are they good?  Are they bad?  Are there times when they should be used?  Will they replace rebates?  When are they used?  Do they work?

AIS (Drug Benefit News) has asked me to do a webinar on copay cards in early July.  This is a hot topic area with limited information out there.  Rather than simply offer my opinion, I thought I would reach out to those of you that work in pharma, PBMs, retail pharmacies, and health plans to capture your opinions.  I put together two brief (<10 question) surveys, but I’m also happy to talk live if you’d prefer. 

 If you don’t feel like you’re the right person or you feel like you know others that would respond, please feel free to forward this to others.  I’m happy to share the results back with those of you that participate.  Thanks.   

 The survey for physicians and manufacturers is here –

 The survey for pharmacists, PBMs, and payers is here –

 Have a great holiday weekend!

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