Better Care From MD With Computer

Do you believe your physician is giving you better care when they are using technology?  I certainly do.  Here’s a few stats from a survey by GfK Roper for Practice Fusion:

  • 78% of patients whose doctors used an EHR believe the computer system helps their doctor deliver better care
  • 49% of patients reported that their physician used an EHR during their last office visit
  • 38% of patients whose doctors use paper charts would like their physician to go digital
I’m a little surprised by the last data point.  I would think most patients would want physicians to use technology although I suppose the fear is that it creates a less personal experience.
On the other hand, the survey would probably be more interesting in evaluating technology use based on diagnosis.  I’m very interested in technology being used when I have x-rays or tests or a complex condition but not as much for a simple check-up.

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