TV Can Kill You

A recent JAMA meta-analysis leads to some interesting data.  Not surprisingly, watching more TV increases your probability of chronic conditions.  This should remind you of some of the Blue Zones work about how to live longer.

The correlation between sedentary activities like watching TV and health risks has long been known, but according to the JAMA study, more than two hours a day of TV increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease by a troubling 20 percent and 15 percent respectively. More than three hours a day raises the risk of premature death for all other conditions by 13 percent. “Beyond altering energy expenditure by displacing time spent on physical activities, TV viewing is associated with unhealthy eating (e.g., higher intake of fried foods, processed meat, and sugar-sweetened beverages and lower intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) in both children and adults,” write authors Frank Hu and Anders Grøntved, who studied all relevant medical literature from 1970 to March 2011.

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