CxO Roles In Pharmacy: A Quick Scan

I always find it interesting to see the senior roles created within organizations. While pharmacy doesn’t have many radical titles like Chief Executive Bear (aka Maxine Clark at Build-A-Bear), I did find the following looking at company websites, LinkedIn, and some quick Google searches:

  • Chief Innovation Officer – Walgreens
  • Chief Experience Officer – Walgreens
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer – Express Scripts
  • Chief Pharmacy Officer – Aetna, PartnersRx, Cigna, US Oncology, Tricare, United, Wellpoint, Excellus, CatalystRx
  • Chief Sales Officer – PTRx
  • Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer – OptumRx
  • SVP Imagineering & Innovation – Medco
  • Chief Trade Relations Officer – Express Scripts
  • Chief Clinical Research & Development Officer – Medco
  • Chief Healthcare Strategy & Marketing Officer – CVS Caremark
  • Chief Scientist – Express Scripts
  • Chief Strategy Officer – American Healthcare, Walgreens
  • Chief Actuary – OptumRx
  • Chief Branding Officer – Medco

Of course, there are always the obvious – CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO (Marketing), CCO (Clinical), CMO (Medical), CCO (Compliance), and CAO (Accounting).

My takeaways from this list (which is likely incomplete) are:

  • I would expect to see more Chief Innovation and Chief Experience Officers in the years to come.
  • I continue to be surprised that there aren’t more Chief Pharmacy Officers.

Do you have others you’ve seen or companies that have these roles that my quick scan missed? Thanks.

One Response to “CxO Roles In Pharmacy: A Quick Scan”

  1. Humana has a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO?) in addition to the ones you listed.
    By the way, recently ran across your site and it is insightful.

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