Will Drought Eventually Push Us To Drink Toilet Water?

Not a hot topic! But, I think we all have seen the issues in Texas and other areas of the US this year around lack of water. Water is rapidly becoming a critical resource with McKinsey estimating that by 2030, the global water supplies will meet just 60% of demand. Basically, water supplies don’t go up while demand does due to population and new uses for land.

There is an interesting article called Droughtbusters by Anita Hamilton. One of the more disgusting but yet practical solutions in there is recycling toilet water which is being done in Namibia. I won’t pull you through the technology, but if Orange County, CA can begin treating sewage water and pouring it into its underground aquifiers than it’s not that far fetched.

To read more about water scarcity, you could go to http://thewaterproject.org/.

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