Will Insurers Continue To Cover Avastin?

In case you haven’t seen the news about Genetech’s Avastin, here’s the quick summary:

This will be a hot topic.  While it only affects a relatively small group of patients (~17K), this is an emotional issue.  Many patients strongly believe in the drug.  I would expect companies to be getting lots of questions on the topic.
At the end of the day, if the panel and FDA agree that the drug is not effective, I find it hard to believe that many insurers will cover it or if they do, it will be tightly controlled with prior authorization.

2 Responses to “Will Insurers Continue To Cover Avastin?”

  1. One of the few times that my messaging to clients is “don’t use automation…the population is small, the topic is sensitive…reach out with your clinicians and talk to the patients.”

  2. Heard from BS of CA. They haven’t decided to stop covering it. The press is reporting the wrong story. They are going to carefully review new starts.

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