Tiny Tower Retail Pharmacy Missed Branding Opportunity

Tiny Tower is a simple yet addictive game you can play on your iPhone or iPad.  My kids figured out the other day that you could re-name the floors.  For example, one of the floors is a pharmacy.

So, instead of saying “pharmacy” this could say Walgreens or CVS or Express Scripts.  What a missed opportunity.  I’ve talked about this before, but I think the pharmacy industry in general has missed integrating themselves into Hollywood and gaming.  When’s the last movie or TV show you saw where the primary actor was a pharmacist or worked at a PBM or even worked at a health insurance company (and was shown in a positive light)?

Here’s an easy branding opportunity.  It also seems like an easy revenue source for the Tiny Tower founders.  Why not have companies pay them to brand these?  Why not have people playing the game earn points to buy up from McDonalds to Red Robin?

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