The Dynamic Video Book: Aetna Example (Specialty Opportunity)

About a year ago, I picked up a “book” at an Aetna booth at a conference. I’d shown the technology to a few clients, but I’d never had a physical example. I thought I would share it here. When you open it up, it has a video embedded into the book. The video has several different options for messaging that you can view by pressing the buttons.

The cool aspect of the book is that it can be linked up to a computer so the videos can be updated over time. It’s produced by a company called Americhip who calls it “Video in Print”.

I’m sure it’s more expensive than a typical direct mail piece, but it can be used and updated over time. My thought is that this is a great tool for specialty pharmacy. These are high cost patients. Imagine a book with the following videos that came with their first script:

  1. Understanding your disease
  2. What to expect from your medicine
  3. How to access support
  4. Refilling your medication
  5. The importance of adherence

The content of these videos could change over time as their condition evolves, as they change medications, or even based on different lab values.

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