NACDS on George Paz Quote

Apparently George Paz, the CEO of Express Scripts, had the following quote the other day that has upset NACDS:

“At the end of the day … Nexium is Nexium, Lipitor is Lipitor, drugs are drugs, and it shouldn’t matter that much who’s counting to 30.”

Are you offended by this quote? If I reverse this, then I guess it doesn’t matter which specialty pharmacy a patient uses, but we all know that pharmacy is a lot more than pill counting (or should be).

I’ve talked about my vision of the future before which is where pharmacists can leverage technology more for prepackaged drugs (especially with low cost oral solids) and long-term patients while their expertise is leveraged in counseling and helping patients understand their drugs and conditions. This is crucial to the healthcare system.

So, while I can exploit the quote to drive an emotional response, isn’t the point that counting doesn’t matter but delivery of the medication and interaction with the patient does matter?

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