Prescribing Information and Applications

I’ve talked about the “Information Therapy” concept before. I suspect as physicians take a greater role in outcomes, and with the emergence of ACOs and PCMHs, they will increasingly play a greater role in providing information and applications suggestions to patients.

I was at the mHealth conference in Boston today, and I mentioned the opportunity for nurses to do this as part of disease management and case management. As soon as I talked about that, I got taken over to the CEO of Happtique who happens to be working on a solution for this from a health application perspective.

In my mind as a patient, I’d like to know:

  1. What do you recommend for managing my condition?
  2. Does it provide clinically sound information?
  3. Is it secure?
  4. Is the application stable and likely to continue existing? (I don’t want to start putting data in something to have it disappear.)
  5. Will it integrate with the care management system?
  6. Is it easy to use and understand? (regardless of my level of sophistication)
  7. Does it work with any devices?

I haven’t ready their draft certification process (open for public comment), but here’s the link to it.

Here’s their boilerplate…

Happtique is a mobile health application store and app management solution that helps healthcare providers, physicians, and patients easily integrate mHealth into treatment. It offers medical enterprises—like hospitals, continuing care facilities, and physician practices—the ability to create individually branded, secure, multi-platform application stores for staff and patient use.


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