31% Happy With Their Health Insurance

In a CNNMoney.com poll, 31% of those polled responded that “yes, it’s fine” to the question “are you happy with your health insurance”?

  • 36% said “it’s a mixed bag”
  • 30% said “no, I’d like to switch”
  • 3% were uninsured

In the October 2012 edition, they shared a few other stats:

  • 35% of Americans consider themselves “well insured” and another 56% feel adequately insured
  • 21% of healt insurance complaints ahve been about delays in processing claims (the most common complaint)
  • 65% of those insured by their employer wouldn’t trade a smaller provider network for smaller premiums

At the same time, healthcare costs continue to be out of control, and we need massive reform to a system that Americans aren’t excited about but yet have no fire forcing them to change.

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