17 Healthcare Blogs You Should Read

This is just a list of my favorites.  Feel free to add your own recommendations.  I broke them into 3 categories.

(BTW – I’m sure I missed a few of you so I’m sorry.)

1. Key Foundational Blogs To Follow

2. One’s I Read Frequently

3. Good Blogs That I Use For Certain Topics

I’ll also give a shout out to a new blog that has started that I have high hopes for based on their initial content – http://hoopayzblog.com/.

3 Responses to “17 Healthcare Blogs You Should Read”

  1. Some really good blogs on here, I’m proud of myself for actually reading some of these already!

    There are a couple more to check out and would be great additions:

    The Medicare Benefits Blog and PharmaGossip

    Cheers George!

  2. Great list George. We’re following more than half of these too and we’ll add the others.
    In your topic specific list you might consider inlcuding: http://www.ktpadvisors.com/blog/ for retiree healthcare issues and pharmacy benefit issues like PBM auditing, clinical reviews and risk management.

  3. Thanks, George!

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