Wellness In The Workplace – Optum Research

I found a summary of this Optum Study – Wellness In The Workplace in the January 2013 Employee Benefit News:

  • 56% of companies (surveyed) have a formal, written strategic plan for wellness
  • 28% of companies have an onsite clinic
  • 49% of eligible employees participate in company wellness programs (seems really high to me)
  • 90% of companies with 3,000+ employees say wellness solutions are an important part of their benefits (compared with 79% of employers with 2-99 employees)
  • 83% of companies use coaching to address weigh management
  • The top barriers to employee participation are:
    • Lack of time / energy
    • Lack of interest
    • Effective communications
  • 52% of companies offer wellness programs to employee’s family members
  • Onsite clinics are offering:
    • 77% flu shots
    • 56% wellness communications
    • 43% fitness challenges
    • 42% preventative care
    • 41% health risk assessments

wellness participation

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