Only 15% Of Workers Leave The Office Every Day

Have you noticed that you eat lunch more at your desk every day?  I certainly have.

With 7 hours of meetings (at least) every day plus 300+ emails every day, we’re busy.  I’d argue that most companies these days are busier than they were historically.  At the same time, everyone is focused on wellness and healthier choices.  When sleep, diet, exercise, and stress are all related to health, it’s hard to separate those from the workplace.

That being said, I wasn’t too surprised by this recent poll I saw which highlights this.

Exercise at work

2 Responses to “Only 15% Of Workers Leave The Office Every Day”

  1. That is so crazy! I’ve started a little “challenge” on my blog that work on integrating little bursts of movement and exercise into your daily routine, even if you only have 2-3 minutes. Break between clients? Bust out a plank. Waiting in line for the bathroom? Do a wall sit. Find time to integrate little things and they add up, keep you from the sedentary nature of the work place!

  2. What a sad infographic!

    I eat lunch at my desk, but I go out to get it.

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