Registration Process – My Experience…Not Good

I was up and ready to try the new healthcare exchanges at this morning.  While it started well with a nice GUI (graphic user interface), it went downhill from there.

Once I got in, it was busy so I had to hold.  

Then, when I tried to create a username and followed the directions, it wouldn’t accept my username.  

And, finally, when I got through it all, it wouldn’t accept who I was to let me proceed.  

If everyone else has a similar experience, this is either going to be a miserable failure or the call centers are going to be lit up with phone calls and huge waits.  I guess to answer the question that the CEO of BCBS of NC poised the other day…this won’t reflect badly on the plans because I can’t even get far enough into the process to see what plans participate.  

The one positive (other than the design) was that the terms and conditions were ridiculously simple!







2 Responses to “ Registration Process – My Experience…Not Good”

  1. George, come clean.

    What you’re really admitting here is that you are foolish enough to live in one of those obstructionist states where they haven’t lifted a finger implement the Act effectively. Otherwise, you’d be visiting your state’s own exchange site and gliding through effortlessly – as I did.

    Wouldn’t have figured you to be one to ignore facts & resort to greasy, unfounded insinuations. Oh well.

    • Fair point. I can clarify. I went thru this as a NC resident which uses the Federal Exchange. I didn’t have the luxury of trying multiple exchanges which would have been interesting.

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