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Teaching Kids About Health

Having kids makes you think about things differently. I was playing an online game with my kids this weekend when I started thinking about how it could be used to influence them. The game is called Webkinz. It is an interesting business model where kids buy stuffed animals which have a code. They go to the Webkinz website and use the code to register their “pet”. They then can work and play games to earn money. They have to feed and care for their pet to keep it happy. They pick the food.

My first take was how to use the tool to teach kids about good food (e.g., veggies and fruit) versus junk food. I didn’t study it intently, but I believe the “pets” are filled up better off the good food in the game. It also has little advertisements like the following:


But, why not also use the game to teach the kids about exercise. If you don’t take the kid for a walk, it gains weight. Or, it already has a physician that you can visit, but why not improve that to give the kids preventative actions that they need to take for their pet. Since many people learn through action and experience, this could be a technique to start improving the next generation’s understanding of healthcare and wellness.

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