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Customer ROI

This is not a blog about my company – Silverlink, but I certainly am happy to share some of the learnings that we have.

We just put out a press release with one of our clients that has some great results. The client – Medica – is a non-profit, health insurance company with 1.3M members headquartered in Minneapolis.

A couple of the programs that they conducted with us include:

  • Welcome calls which increased member satisfaction while reducing costs by 90%. (Does your plan call you? I certainly never got welcomed to a plan.) They also were able to reduce their resolution time for resolving member issues by over 75%.
  • Coordination of benefits communications which led to a 32% increase in efficiency and less pended claims.

By using our automated outbound call technology, they saw response rate to surveys increase by 22%. (BTW – This is a great use of the technology. You send out calls until you hit your statistically significant N, and you can make real-time changes to survey questions if you see issues arising or need more information based on the answers you are getting.) In their case, they got surveys done in 5 days versus 24 days…and we process the responses to show real-time reports of status. (You can finally solve problems with real-time patient feedback to make critical decisions.)

And, communication costs were 8% below the costs of traditional mailers.

Obviously, there is a reason I choose Silverlink as the company I joined. It is great to see customer validated ROI (Return on Investment). In this world, focusing on your assets and how to maximize them (ROA) is critical.

(BTW – This is my first time writing a post in Word 2007 and sending it the blog.  It worked great.)

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