PodCast with Silverlink CEO (from HC Blog)

I have not advanced my blogging as much as Matthew Holt has on the Healthcare Blog so I am going to “re-purpose” one of his interviews.  One of my consulting clients is a company called Silverlink (which was also a vendor of mine at Express Scripts).  I continue to be impressed with the technology and the ability to find more opportunities to use their voice technology to replace letters and increase response rates to communication programs.

In a meeting today with JD Powers, they revealed that almost 30% of the satisfaction scores for healthplans is attributed to communications.  That should make you research what you do and how to improve it.

So, if you are interested in a dialogue about Silverlink and what they do, read Matthew Holt’s interview with Stan Nowak (CEO of Silverlink).

for our flu shot reminder we’ll have a client tell us that it was as effective as using humans and saved them 65% of the cost. For health risk assessments it was two times as effective as their alternative mode of delivering those health risk assessments and it was 50% less cost”

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