A Few Other Facts From CSC’s Survey

While I was flipping through CSC’s 2004 Customer Intelligence Diagnostic Survey, I found a few other interesting facts:

  • Only 20.7% of the 58 Fortune 1000 companies have a 360 degree view of the customer (i.e., consolidated data across the enterprise)
  • Only 41% of them had used external data to augment their internal customer data
  • Only 10% of the companies had a high degree of confidence that their customer data was clean, accurate, and timely
  • 20% of the companies never capture responses to marketing campaigns for evaluation and another 40% only collect the data occasionally
  • Only 25% were capturing and using customer preferences
  • Only 28% were using an external source (e.g., National Change of Address) to update and verify addresses
  • 62% of them were segmenting customers based on demographic or behavioral criteria
  • 59% of them segment customers based on preferences and needs
  • Almost 80% believe they are missing revenue opportunities due to poor data quality or lack of integrated information
  • Only 22% make customer insights readily available to all their personnel in sales, marketing, and service
  • Only 19% have business rules and triggers to launch targets treatments across customer touch points

There were no healthcare companies included in the survey, but I am sure they would have lagged even more.  Now, some of this has likely changed over the past few years, but there is a lot to be done to address the opportunities.

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