Quick Update – Zyrtec OTC

Getting back into the swing of things today, I decided to run out and buy some Zyrtec OTC.  It should be out this week from everything I know.  But, my grocery store didn’t have any.  The first Walgreens I tried had received some, but it had sold out.   The second Walgreens had some but had sold out of several sizes.  And, it had a stack of $3 off coupons.

I paid $7.99 (less $3) for a pack of 5-tablets of 5mg chewables.  Seems like a lot ($1 per tablet) until I realize that I was paying $50 in copayments for a 30-day supply for my kids.

For me, I bought a 45-day supply of the 10mg for $28 (less $3) which seems like a bargain compared to the $75 copayment I would have had for an equal supply of the Rx or even the $45 copayment, I would have had for a formulary agent (aka brand drug that was covered at a $30 copay for 30-day supply).

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