Nuclear Medicine – What???

I compare what I know about nuclear medicine today to what I knew about genomics back in 1998.  [I remember my boss calling me and telling me to pull together a presentation for our team at E&Y to give to Jay Geller (CEO of Pacificare at the time) on e-business with a focus on how the Internet would effect genomics.]

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine and medical imaging that uses the nuclear properties of matter in diagnosis and therapy. More specifically, nuclear medicine is a part of molecular imaging because it produces images that reflect biological processes that take place at the cellular and subcellular level. Nuclear medicine procedures use pharmaceuticals that have been labeled with radionuclides (radiopharmaceuticals).  [Wikipedia definition]

I don’t know a whole lot about nuclear medicine today, but after seeing that Dom Meffe who was the CEO of Curascript, a specialty company we bought at Express Scripts, is now CEO of Triad Isotopes, it caught my eye.  He was an incredibly charismatic leader and seemed very passionate about driving patient care.

But, even reading the definitions of nuclear medicine and skimming the site, I feel like I need to go back to school.

A nuclear pharmacy is a pharmacy that compounds and distributes radiopharmaceuticals used primarily in imaging procedures for cardiac and cancer diagnosis. Cyclotrons are utilized to produce FDG (Fluorodeoxyglucose) a short-lived positron-emitting isotope suitable for PET (Positron Emission Tomography), an imaging technology that can be used to assess tissue biochemistry.  [Triad Isotopes press release]

3 Responses to “Nuclear Medicine – What???”

  1. I disagree…

    ESI grossly overpaid for both…..dollar for dollar based on “revenue” for the Curascript Deal and way too much for Priority…..

    We know who really made out from these deals…not ESI and certainly not the employees or patients who he always professed to care so much about…

  2. George Van Antwerp Reply January 28, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    I am not sure I can agree. I think the price for Curascript was pretty reasonable and the team helped Express Scripts jump into the space.

    I think the acquisition of Priority was the issue.

  3. Yeah, Dom sure took the guys @ Express Scripts to the cleaners on that deal….

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