I can never stress the value of communication skills to anyone I met regardless of the path they want to go down in life.  I have had the luxury from an early age of public speaking beginning with something called Model United Nations (MUN) where you represent a country in mock-simulations of the UN process.  [We even won a national championship at my high school…and it really isn’t as geeky as it sounds.]

In graduate school, I participated in Toastmasters for a while which I think is great for someone who needs a casual setting to practice and get feedback.  I can even remember using one of the techniques from there (counting “ums”) when my sister told me she was going to be a lay minister in the Catholic church and be giving sermons.  [Note: Feedback on presentation skills isn’t always well received by people not seeking it out.]

I found a couple of presentations on the topic that I thought might be interesting to some of you.  Additionally, you might research the Minto Pyramid Principle which is a structured approach to communicating by an ex-McKinsey consultant.  (It was required reading/training at Ernst & Young years ago.)

This one is a little basic, but I have seen so many bad powerpoint presentations that obviously many people could use the primer.

One last one before getting back to work…Here is one on marketing which obviously has communications at its core.

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