Where Are The Evidologists?

After one of their team posted a comment on my site, I went to Bazian‘s website.  Very interesting.  They are a UK based company that focuses on providing evidence-based healthcare information to publishers, governments and insurers.  Sounds promising.  This is an important issue across the world as companies and practitioners look at how to embed intelligence into process and technology to deliver the best outcomes.  Here is a presentation that they have for download on their website.  In it, they propose a new healthcare role of the evidologist and draw a nice parallel to the radiologist.

“In late 2005, Bazian gave a presentation about putting evidence into practice – a much discussed topic in the world of evidology.  It summarised 10 years of experience in evidence-based medicine, and draws conclusions about who should be putting evidence into practice, when, and what has to really happen for evidence to become a routine part of medical practice.”

Ev·i·do·l·o·gy n.

A new medical specialty that enables medical research to be incorporated systematically into clinical practice [Latin videre to discern, comprehend; evideri to appear plainly]  

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