Total Value; Total Return

I came across a new website today for the Center for Value Based Health Management.  Their definition of Value-Based Health Management is below.

“The planning, design, implementation, administration, and evaluation of health management practices that are grounded in evidence-based guidelines across the healthcare continuum.”

It is a great concept.  The question always is how to do this without confusing the patient.  There are lots of plan designs out there that could be used, but become so confusing that patients don’t know how to meet the payor’s goals while minimizing their out-of-pocket spend.

The site also talks about a publication called Total Value Total Return which has seven rules for developing a value-based solution for your employees.  They seem like good fundamentals:

  1. The Health of Your Organization Begins with Your People.
  2. To Realize Total Value, You Must Understand Total Costs.
  3. Higher Costs Don’t Always Mean Higher Value.
  4. Health Begins and Ends with the Individual.
  5. Avoid Barriers to Effective Treatment.
  6. Carrots Are Valued Over Sticks.
  7. Total Value Demands Total Teamwork.

The Carrots Over Sticks comment made me think of all the press about forcing wellness down the throats of employees.  I have a recent article on that that I will post on later.

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