Blinded By The Voice

I heard an interesting arguement the other day.  Someone was saying that the only thing that matters in the automated voice space is the voice.  They suggested listening to a call and thinking about what the patient heard.

This reminds me of advice from business school that the paper on which your resume was written makes all the difference.  Or that the font or color on your marketing materials is the key thing to get right.  It certainly matters.  But different people want different voices.  Ultimately, it’s about how you deliver that 1:1 personalized communication to the patient based on their preferences, their historical interaction pattern, and a blend of their claims and demographic data.

The other thing that surprised me was the implication that voice was more important than reporting and technology.  If I have a great patient interaction, but I can’t mine the data and I can’t easily modify the program to be better than I am blind to the success.

One of the things that I experienced when I ran campaigns is the need for in-flight modifications.  I may predict that I get a 20% response rate to a particular copay waiver program, but if I only get 5%, I rather stop it day one and tweak a few things rather than wait 30 days and miss a lot of opportunity.  On the other hand, if I get a 40% response rate, I may want to dial down the volume to manage my transfer rate to my call center and not mess up my ASA (Average Seconds to Answer) which probably has some SLAs tied to it.

Think about your communications solution from every angle…the interaction, set-up, ease of change, flexibility, reporting.

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