Convergence: MiCoach

As a runner, I found this interesting new product c/o The Hospital Impact blog.  The video is pretty engaging on the MiCoach.  It blends a GPS technology with an MP3 player with a personal coach with a phone and links it to a website for tracking.  If I wasn’t a runner, I would have some skepticism, but those are all relevant things.

When I run, I have a GPS on my wrist, my iPod, and often (for long distances) a phone in my pack.  I then download my running to my PC which has some great reporting tools but limited analysis tools.  The personal coach response will vary by person as different people respond to different “encouragement”.  I may have to put this on my wish list to try out at some point.

Now, of course it requires specific shoes, which I think is an issue for runners.  I have been using the same brand of shoes for 4 years.  And, I go out of my way to get them.  There is no store in St. Louis that sells them so I have to order them every 3 months or so.

I was also somewhat confused on the website about how to get the products.  There was no buy here function (unless I missed it).

But, I think the key here is the idea of device convergence and the blending of clothes with technology.  Just one sign of the many interesting things to come.

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