Compliance is complicated

I am going to try a posting from my blackberry.

I just read this in the AIS newsletter and was surprised that this was news.

“Personally, I believe the reasons people take prescription medications are quite complex. There are a lot of motivations and issues in that, and copays may not, in and of themselves, be enough to change adherence and compliance.”
— Keith Bruhnsen, manager of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, prescription drug program, told AIS’s Drug Benefit News when discussing the need for research and data to support the idea that lower copays for essential services actually remove barriers to their use.

One Response to “Compliance is complicated”

  1. Keith is right. Adherence and compliance (A&C) is complicated. Cost concerns are not as big a factor as distrust in terms of adverse effects on A&C. Lower costs would help, but that “intervention” is not the one that will make the biggest difference.

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