Is Your MD Honest With You?

They are probably not intentionally deceptive, but there are some things that doctors don’t tell us (at least according to Dr. David Newman in his book Hippocrates’ Shadow: Secrets From The House Of Medicine).

  1. Physicians don’t know as much as you think they do.
  2. Doctors do know that many of the tests, drugs and procedures they order and prescribe either do not work or have not been proven to work.
  3. Doctors disagree about everything.
  4. Doctors like ordering tests better than they like listening to you.

docs-v-internetIt’s a tough issue.  I talked about the placebo effect and the nocebo effect before.  That is exactly the type of things the USA Today article on this talks about.

Studies show half of patients who go to the doctor with a cold are prescribed an antibiotic.  Colds are caused by viruses; antibiotics kill only bacteria.

The idea that Americans get worse medical care that they realize- often because they get too many, not too few, tests, drugs, and procedures – is gaining ground.

The question still is whether you want to know everything.  Certainly, we should better arm physicians to talk about these gray areas and take them off the pedistal.  Part of that is addressing things like malpractice.  We will never control costs and improve care without eliminating the need for defensive medicine.

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