Humana is “Crumpling It Up”

I have given it away in the title, but would you have looked at the webpage below and imagined this was from Humana.

crumpleitupYou can go to their website CrumpleItUp to learn a little more about what they are doing with bikes called freewheelin and what they are doing around games and health.

They have a fascinating group there in Louisville that works on innovative ideas.  A lot of them don’t drive the core business of health insurance but they are related to improving the health of the general public or looking at interesting ways to use technology.

They have recently added a blog about this that you can see here.  Additionally, I had a chance to meet with Grant Harrison from this group at the WHCC and also hear him speak as part of a panel on innovation.  I was very impressed with him and a few of the other people in the group.

As John talked about over at Chilmark Research, it is refreshing to see someone focusing on this type of innovation.  When I talked about innovation with a reporter recently, I suggested that Humana would be one of the first groups that they should interview.

2 Responses to “Humana is “Crumpling It Up””

  1. George: Thanks so much for the post! We’ve just launched in the last couple of weeks, but we’re happy with it so far.
    Not everybody gets why an insurance company would be so focused on health . . . but we figure that the best way to make the system work better is to have less sick people in it.
    All the best,

  2. Humana has continued to expand the Freewheelin program and in a joint partnership with Trek, Humana, SRAM, and Crispin Porter & Bogusky is bringing bicycle sharing to cities across the US. You can get more information at

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