The Young Invincibles

“I could have gone to a major university for a year. Instead, I went to the hospital for two days.”

The New York Times had a good article about young people without insurance.  According to the article, there are 13.2M within this group or 29% of the age bracket (which I believe is limited to people in their 20’s).  The article talks about borrowing medications, setting their own bones, and using the Internet to self-diagnose.

“We see people with urinary tract infections taking meds better suited for ear infections or pneumoniaDr. Barbie Gatton explained (ER doctor in NY) “Or they take pain medicine that masks the symptoms. And this allows the underlying problem to get worse and worse.” — the problem is, they haven’t really treated their illness, and they’re breeding resistance.”

My impression is that most people in this age group only act as “invincible” since they can’t afford coverage.  The article does talk about legislation that would allow people to be covered under their parents insurance until they are 29.  That certainly helps some, but it puts a burden on employers that may not be fair.

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