Ix for Rx Management

Josh Seidman from the Center for Information Therapy today announced on their blog that the center is going to begin focusing on “Ix for Rx Management” that will look at adherence along with other critical issues.  As I talk about all the time, finding the right way to deliver information to people in a way that they can accept it and act upon it is critical.  Given that we use more and more medications, this is a critical area where the center’s leadership can help build awareness of the problems.

“Although awareness certainly is an important precursor, it may be the easiest step in the pathway that takes the average consumer along the road to information consumption, then knowledge accumulation, and ultimately leading to behavior change. We know there’s a large body of research that tells us that, in order to be successful, our Ix initiatives need to “meet people where they are.” More specifically, we need to target the information to the individual’s particular moment in care and tailor it to their particular needs and circumstances.”

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