Friends Don’t Let Friends

If they can use this concept for selling DirectTV over cable, why don’t we use this more in healthcare?

It could be…Friends Don’t Let Friends:

  • Pay too much for medication
  • Use brand drugs unnecessarily
  • Use retail for maintenance drugs
  • Call into the call center when the information is on the web
  • Go to the ER when they can call the nurse line
  • Pay too much for individual insurance

Maybe, in today’s economy, it will be time for healthcare companies to look for seriously at referral programs. 

  • Get a friend to come to mail order or the local CVS and get your next prescription copay waived.

Everyone is focused on saving money.  Social networking is all the rage.  People trust their friends.  

Now, I may not want to tell my friends that I am on cholesterol lowering medication so that may change it.  But, certainly people talk about higher level items like shopping for individual insurance.

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