Struggles Of A Working Family Report

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a report and video that they did on several families looking at their struggles to pay bills and survive.

The report, Snapshots from the Kitchen Table: Family Budgets and Health Care, is based on interviews with 27 families from six cities across the U.S.. It finds pervasive uncertainty over job security and households teetering on the financial brink, stretching to pay for basics such as food and housing and ill-equipped to cope with unexpected costs for things such as a medical emergency or a necessary home repair.

Health care costs were of particular concern, with many families forgoing doctor visits, skipping prescription medications and postponing needed care. Even those with health insurance reported delaying care in order to avoid co-payments, rising deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for uncovered services.  Despite barely being able to meet the cost of basic needs, many families did not qualify for public programs like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

One Response to “Struggles Of A Working Family Report”

  1. Yes, this survery is the real fact on many middle class familes living in today world. I am really gald that they took an effort to do this survey and help peoples to get rid of there struggles. Report and video are really good.

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